How to Save Money When Buying Zippers from Zipper Shipper

There is no doubt that Zipper shipper is a leading sewing supplies company. They, therefore, offer their products at competitive prices. As such, every time any customer shops at zippers wholesale @, they save. But you can further make more savings if you buy zippers in wholesale. Check details on buying zippers in bulk online at zippers by the yard. When placing a quote, remember to specify that you are buying in wholesale. In fact, they will sell to you the zipper by the yard and this makes it cheaper. You may then buy the corresponding zipper pulls in bulk as well.

Zipper shipper offers all sewing supplies at competitive rates. But buying in bulk makes the zippers even cheaper. They have a variety of stock. As such, all their clients’ needs are catered for.  Shipping costs are catered for by the company. You can either buy …

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Myths Busted: Facts You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are becoming more common nowadays. Experts believe that the spike in bed bug infestations could be due to the lack of proper knowledge in pest control. There have been many misconceptions about these tiny critters. Let us separate the myths from facts. You will benefit from the facts and tips on how to properly control and prevent bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?: Also known as cimex lectularius, bed bugs are tiny, flat insects which feed on human and animal blood. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and has six legs. Bed bugs usually turn rusty red after feeding on blood, but are normally light to dark brown in color. They can move very swiftly over walls, floors and ceilings but cannot fly. During the day, these bugs hide in places such …

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