10 Habits of Managing Personal Finance That Can Make the Future Bright

A month’s salary is only passing by. Almost half of the salary is spent on paying debts.

If these two ‘phenomena’ often repeat, there is something wrong with how to manage our finances. One of the things that makes our finances in shambles is our own habits.

We are not used to the discipline of managing finances and cannot distinguish between passion and need. If you really want to improve financial conditions, now is the time.

 Take a look!

  1. Track income and expenses

Often we don’t care about our expenses. Where have our monthly salaries gone? Tracking income and expenses can be done by making simple bookkeeping. If you don’t want to bother you can use the financial regulator application on your smartphone.

  1. Check the bill

Accustomed to checking bills is important.

  1. Saving, saving, saving

The habit of saving indeed needs to be nurtured from an early age. But it’s …

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How to Buy Bharti Axa Car Insurance Policies


When you need to buy car insurance, choosing the most trusted and reliable source is your top-most priority.  Of course, it should be, as it is a long-term association. Car insurance policy offered by Bharti Axa is amongst the ones which are tailored made to safeguard you from all possible mishaps and available at an affordable cost.

Bharti Axa is a professional merger of market leaders: Bharti Enterprise, the leading business house of India and AX, the global leader in financial protection. The joint venture serves the community with a sole motto to provide car insurance with maximum protection and at an affordable cost. It basically offers the most comprehensive financial protection to the car owners from mishaps which are always unforeseen.

Buying Bharti Axa car insurance is easy. You can either buy it from the professional agent of the company or you can buy it online. Buying car insurance …

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Finding The Right Place to Sell Your Electrical Equipment

Selling electrical equipment can be a rather discouraging process as it is not listed as one of the most purchased products on the market, so in order to sell your equipment quickly, you must find the right type of stores and websites that have customers looking for this specific type of product. Such as where to sell electrical equipment is knowing how to list the items. When it comes to electrical supplies, everything must be working properly, which means the buyer is going to want information on when it was bought, how much it was used and if every part is functioning properly. Once you have acquired all the information needed, you can then search for a place to sell the equipment.


By searching online for places that buy this particular equipment, you will find a rather wide variety of companies that specifically purchases electric equipment and any other …

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