CNN Money Campaigns Towards Rising Minimum Wage

Seaworld shares opened at an all-time low of $11.77 after it announced plans to cut and then scrap its dividend.

The e book survived the phonograph because it had the newspaper. Listening didn’t replace studying. Edison’s invention came to be used mainly for playing music moderately than declaiming poetry and prose. During the twentieth century, ebook studying would face up to a fresh onslaught of seemingly mortal threats: moviegoing, radio listening, TV viewing. Today, books remain as commonplace as ever, and there’s each reason to believe that printed works will continue to be produced and skim, in some sizable quantity, for years to return.

Whereas Hillary pretends to talk powerful on huge banks and billionaires gaming the system, she is rigging the system in her favor to ridiculous ends. Public service has paid off for the former first couple. According to Money Nation, Hillary’s internet worth is over $31 million. Invoice has an estimated internet worth of $80 million, bringing their mixed whole to $111 million.

Cclitgirl: My husband and I half methods when it come to the morning show as effectively. He likes Robin Meade on CNN for obvious causes if you’ve ever seen a former Miss Ohio learn the information. I like Morning Joe for the discussion of the information. I wish to listening to opposing views, however sometimes those personalities are an excessive amount of very first thing within the morning.

Some ‘good’ news, for a sure worth of fine: we’ve got had much more rain than regular-practically a complete water-yr’s value-since August 1 right here in our little patch of the Intermountain West. The road division, as best I can inform, is quite dismayed, because the uphill driveways have yet again ended up within the highway. The rain has been convenient for our family-saved a variety of watering of younger timber. It is vitally bizarre to look out the window in August and later and see inexperienced-by no means since my mother and father moved right here in practically thirty years. Inexperienced positive as heck beats additional desertification-and the hearth radio has been dead silent!