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Pro Audio Solutions: Choosing the Best Equipment

A power amplifier receives audio signals from a signal processor or mixing board and then magnifying the sound entertaining the audience, so it is important to choose the best pro audio system. You should be meticulous and knowledgeable in finding the one that best produce the amount of power, the types of connections it consists of, the number of channels it offers, the manner the controls are set up, and for its built-in effects or processor if any. Speakers and amplifiers come in various power ratings, and for best results, you should measure how much power being put out in a consistent magnitude. Rather than a simple test tone for speakers, the program power rating depends on their handling capabilities, so you must take into consideration the amount of power they need in actual use or real-world situations such as actual mixing of volumes and frequencies. Keep in mind the general rule that an amplifier must be able to provide doubled a speaker’s power rating. Too little power may cause more damage to the speaker than too much power, so it is better for a speaker to be overpowered than being under powered.

Linear supplies are now being replaced with switching power supplies for best audio, since linear supplies cause too much noise compared to switching power supplies. The problem on linear supplies is because of its large transformers and audible frequencies likened to a hum or buzz from its other magnetic components. Magnetic interference are caused by transformers which are magnetic devices, so the power is transmitted magnetically between its input and output winding. Investing into a magnetic shielding equipment is very expensive with reduced effectiveness when sensitive circuits are placed close to a strong audio field. Magnetic interference is greatly reduced in switching power audio supply which consists of several high-powered transformers, but are relatively small, so the stray magnetic fields are also small without that much noise. Take note that there are more options for magnetic shielding if transformers are smaller. Switching power audio supplies are very efficient, causing little power lost in heat, and regulation is omitted saving power and reducing heat.

Carefully checking an audio console’s channels is very essential because these are where line-level devices like pre-amps, signal processors, amplifiers, musical instruments and microphones are installed. Comparing to analog mixers, digital mixers instantly change to signal routing, with a more extensive and flexible signal dynamics, creating amazing array of sound effects. The great advantages of digital mixers are their saving and recalling capabilities compared to analog, and also being able to pre-program mixes using a computer or laptop. Power audio mixer is ideal in handling live performances, eliminating the need to transport and separately setting up power amplifiers just to drive them.The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Consoles

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