Is Dating Your Friend a Good Idea?

Actually, there’s just a single step from friendship to love. Friendship is love after all, just without the sexual component. Moreover, various researches show that love relationships with weak friendship element have most unreliable long term forecast. If you don’t have such friends, no worries – you can try to find them on free mature dating sites. For relationships to last long, apart from lusting for each other, partners have to be good friends as well.


Then it’s logical to conclude that it is best to build relationships and marry your best friend – why look for anyone else if every important trait of good relationship – mutual attraction, closeness, openness, respect, support, the fun of being together – are already included in friendship?

What if…

But don’t forget – sometimes shift into more deep relationships might lead you to unexpected results. Perhaps you think that if you’re good friends and have a lot in common, it will be easy to trust that person. But who knows? At some point, you notice that your meetings become the best event of a day, which makes you happy and worried at the same time. And finally, that “what if…” comes to your head.

If you have made up your mind about inviting your best friend on a date, try to make time to talk about your relationships. Do not rely on any expectations you might happen to have though. Such changes will bring some discomfort in your relationships anyway, so you have to be patient, at least at first. Especially considering the fact that the first stages of that shift often end up being crucial.

Try to have dates in an unusual environment and only alone, so no one can affect your newborn relationships. Be ready that not all of your mutual friends may support the idea.

Another thing to note – as a partner you will have responsibilities before each other. People not only spend time together but also make plans, for a long term as well. Friends don’t have these responsibilities. Partners are ready (to try, at least) to save their relationships even if they face difficulties, and to work on them if they have to.

To sum things up – should you try to shift your friendship into something more intimate? Try to figure out whether there is a physical attraction between you two, openly talk about goals, plans, and your mutual interests. You are friends – you don’t have to beat around the bush or tease each other when you can openly discuss everything that is important to you.