Mutual Funds Money Market Philippines

Money market funds are a financial institution. Their liabilities are fastened value, first-come first-serve, identical to deposits. Their belongings are long term, and fewer liquid. This reality puts them at risk for a run. The essence of stopping future monetary crises is stopping runs.

Existence of Contributory Legal and Financial Factors For the money to be effectively-developed, there should exist applicable legal provisions to reduce trans- motion costs, protect against default in payment whereas prerequisite financial forces resembling speedy and low-cost transmission of knowledge, low cost fund remittance and sufficient quantity of Commerce and Commerce must exist.

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Debtors and lenders in a call market contact each other over phone. Hence, it is principally over-the-phone market. After negotiations over the phone, debtors and lenders arrive at a deal specifying the amount of loan and charge of interest After the deal is over, the lender points FBL cheque in favour of the borrower. The borrower in turn points call cash borrowing receipt when the mortgage is repaid with interest, the lender returns the duly discharged receipt.

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