The Benefits of Using QuickBooks Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

Computers are widely used in the United States of America, with more than 85% of American households owning at least one computer. Over three-quarters of United States citizens own smartphones. Similarly, over 88% of people in the “land of the free” use the Internet.

As such, many people utilize the Internet in their everyday lives. Whether it is using search engines for answering questions, using iMessage to keep in touch with friends, video communication tools to hold business conferences, or shop for products online, there are virtually endless uses for the world wide web. Unsurprisingly, two-thirds of millennials and more than half of baby boomers prefer shopping online to traditional, brick-and-mortar stores.

Online marketplaces like Amazon connect digital retailers with customers around the world. QuickBooks Amazon seller offers a number of benefits to these eCommerce vendors. Let’s look into just a few of the many benefits of accounting software like A2X.

Filing taxes is easier

Whether businesses are ran by sole proprietors or employ hundreds of individuals, they’re all required to file tax returns with the oh-so-loved Internal Revenue Service once annually. Even worse, business entities registered in the United States must submit estimated quarterly tax payments — that means four times a year. Accounting software keeps up with sales and allows owners to sort them in three-month and annual time periods. This makes filing both quarterly payments and annual tax returns far easier than sifting and sorting through mounds of documents, scrambling to calculate sales totals prior to Uncle Sam’s tight deadlines.

Helps visualize sales trends

Making sense of upticks and downswings in sales trends isn’t easy. Besides, manually calculating sales performance with numerical data consumes valuable time better spent managing vendors’ online stores. Digitized record-keeping programs compile graphs, charts, and other visual representations of recent sales data. This helps hard-working Amazon vendors derive meaningful inferences from recent sales data, helping them deal with marketplace trends.

Higher likelihood of winning Amazon disputes

Amazon vendors are required to provide proof of shipping in the event of disputes. While most eCommerce retailers do send tracking numbers, not all of them keep up with them in an orderly fashion. Computer programs designed for Amazon like A2X keeps up with tracking numbers and shipping invoices related to particular sales orders, taking the pain out of satisfying Amazon’s requirements for tilting disputes in your favor.

It provides backups for pertinent sales information

Some businesspeople don’t choose to take advantage of computers. They might keep up with sales-related information by printing out and compiling documents, or manually writing down this data in journals. While it’s possible to refer to past sales and calculate time-period totals using these outdated methods, doing so isn’t optimal. More importantly, physical stores of data could be stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed. Accounting software like A2X backs up sales data, saving vendors’ digital well-beings.

Amazon is one of the Internet’s leading online marketplaces. It links people with products they desire or need, saving them time as they aren’t required to visit brick-and-mortar locations. Even further, it creates staunch competition because consumers can find all product providers by performing simple online searches. As such, it’s crucial for Amazon vendors to maintain competitive advantages however possible — accounting software is an effective means of accomplishing this goal.