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Myths Busted: Facts You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are becoming more common nowadays. Experts believe that the spike in bed bug infestations could be due to the lack of proper knowledge in pest control. There have been many misconceptions about these tiny critters. Let us separate the myths from facts. You will benefit from the facts and tips on how to properly control and prevent bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?: Also known as cimex lectularius, bed bugs are tiny, flat insects which feed on human and animal blood. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and has six legs. Bed bugs usually turn rusty red after feeding on blood, but are normally light to dark brown in color. They can move very swiftly over walls, floors and ceilings but cannot fly. During the day, these bugs hide in places such as mattress seams, bed frames , dresser tables or any object surrounding a bed.

Common Myths About Bed Bugs
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Myth: Bed bugs are too tiny to be seen.
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Reality: They are actually big enough to be seen but are usually hiding. Adult bed bugs and nymphs are actually easy to spot if you check out possible hiding places.

Myth: Bed bugs thrive in dirty places.

Reality: Bed bugs do not thrive on filthy places but they are attracted to carbon dioxide, warmth and blood, of course. Clutter, however, gives them more options to hide and some bed bugs are able to enter your home undetected through used pieces of furniture, luggage and clothing.

Myth: Bed bugs can cause illnesses.

Reality: There are no studies to show that bed bugs are capable of spreading or transmitting diseases Bed bugs can be very annoying since they can cause itching and irritation and also lack of sleep.

Myth: Bed bugs will stay in their hiding places if the room is lit brightly.

Reality: Although these insects do prefer darkness, keeping the room lit at night will not prevent them from biting you.

Treatment: When you see any sign of bed bugs as well its eggs or nymphs, you need to act quickly.

Wash clothing, linen, curtains and bedding using hot water and place them in the dryer using the highest setting. There are items that cannot be washed but you can still place them inside the dryer on high for at least 30 minutes. To clean the mattress, scrub using a stiff brush and then vacuum. It is also important to vacuum the room and the surrounding areas, after which you should dispose the vacuum cleaner bag in a garbage can outside.