“Can I see all of them?” or how to choose a bank for mortgage lending

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Talking about a mortgage segment of the market, Dmitry Leus says a client should not grab the first available offer chasing the dream to move into new housing. Banks may be different, as well as the conditions offered by them. It is very important to understand all ins and outs of mortgage lending, if you do decide to take such a service. You can find more detailed recommendations from Dmitry on this subject by clicking the following link: https://www.scribd.com/document/293832884/Dmitry-Leus

Where to start?

As Dmitry suggests, personally having previous experience in the mortgage segment of the banking business, when choosing a bank it is worth paying attention to things that seem minor at first glance, but they are actually very important.

The best option is to pay attention to a stable bank with unchallenged reputation, for which mortgage lending is a priority.

Also, it is worth inquiring about the currency of the loan, clarifying the interest rate. And the most important thing is to find out the requirements to collateral.

When searching for a bank you should also pay attention to its ability to provide loans on a variety of real estate options: apartments with re-planning or those apartments which have been owned by the seller for less than three years. Also, it will be helpful to take a note whether the bank considers additional income, which is supported by 2- NDFL form (2- НДФЛ), as well as the possibility to involve an additional co-borrower who is not a spouse. This detail can play a very important role in such cases, when, for example, you need additional 5 thousand rubles of income to get the limit on accommodation you are interested in.

Common issues

Among other things, the bank service quality should never be put on the back burner. Pay attention to it at your first visit. If you were assigned a personal manager, it is a good sign. After all, it means in case of any problems you will not have to race from one bank specialist to another. You will have one contact person. In addition, paperwork will be easier because it will be the responsibility of just one person who communicates with you.

The working schedule of the bank is also very important. Now, having signed a contract with them, you will have to visit them each month, i.e. very often. Queues and inconvenient working schedule of the bank are unlikely to promote your desire to take a mortgage credit there. Strange as it may seem, there are still banks, which close at 6 pm, while the working day of their clients ends at least at the same time, if not later.