The 10 Best Companies for Advancing Your Career

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Workers are in high demand these days. U.S. employers added 263,000 jobs in November, only a slight drop from October’s number of 284,000. And while unemployment stayed unchanged at 3.7%, wages are 5.1% higher than a year ago, The New York Times reports.

Not every worker can have their choice of prestige companies. But it’s always good to know what’s out there, and which companies have reputations for helping workers move forward. A recent report, the American Opportunity Index, examined salary data and job postings at 250 of the largest U.S. companies. The goal was to determine which offered the greatest job-growth opportunities available to workers both with or without college degrees.

The index utilizes nine metrics in three categories to assess the level of opportunity provided to workers. Researchers examined access to work, upward mobility options and pay.

“We believe that these three dimensions

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Ways to Get More Passive Income from Your Blog

Your blog could be more than just a place to write down your thoughts and opinions or promote your brand; instead, you can use it as a tool to make passive income.

This means that you can set up ways to make money through your blog and then sit back and wait for the money to come in without having to put any work into the process.

Keep reading for a few ways that you can get started.

active or passive income

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Write and Sell an E-Book

If you are already blogging, you are already confident in your abilities as a writer. And if you have a large enough following, you know that people respect you for what you have to say, for the knowledge that you can share with them, and for the valuable content that your blog provides.

So why not go a step further and write up a

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7 Tips to Make Financial Decisions Easier For Senior Citizens

Managing finances for senior citizens can be quite a task. It is important to help them effectively sort out their finances so that they can enjoy their retirement in peace.

The senior citizens may be prone to financial scammers who may reap off the senior citizens of their lifetime savings, which would leave them devastated. Also, senior citizens may have a unique problem that may deter them from making the proper financial decisions on their own.

Here is where you come in as the child or caregiver to a senior citizen. This article covers some of the ways in which you can help senior citizens in managing their finances properly.


Availing Seniors Insurance

Insurance is perhaps the best financial move for any individual. It is especially helpful for senior citizens because it acts as a financial blanket in case there is a financial emergency that may occur due to accidents

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The Difficulties and Solutions With Raising Funds Online

What are the challenges of fundraising online? Keeping cash flowing into your nonprofit is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face as a charity. With more people staying home and sponsorships moving to a digital model, additional issues arise. 

According to the Blackbaud Institute Index, charitable giving saw a 25.3% increase in the last year. For several years, digital donations rose steadily. Raising funds online seems to be a long-term trend, so figuring out how it works best for your organization helps with cash flow.

The many advantages of online fundraising include lower advertising costs and instant cash influx. However, every nonprofit faces some difficulties when raising money on the internet. Here are the most common ones and how to solve them for your charity. 


1. Knowing Your Audience

Before you market your nonprofit online, you must understand your target audience. You can waste a lot of money throwing ads

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The 10 Most Deadly Jobs in America

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Almost everyone complains about their job on occasion. But if you’re a logger, miner or truck driver, you might have greater concerns than most.

These are among the most dangerous jobs in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest annual report on fatal occupational injuries, which reflects data from 2021.

In total, there were 5,190 work-related deaths recorded in the United States that year — and that was the highest annual number since 2016.

Transportation incidents accounted for 1,982 of those work-related deaths. These were, by far, the most frequent type, comprising 38.2% of all work-related deaths.

Other causes for work-related deaths include falls, slips and trips; violence and other injuries by a person or animal; contact with objects and equipment, such as being struck by a falling object; and exposure to harmful substances or environments.

Following are the jobs that are most risky

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