How to Buy Bharti Axa Car Insurance Policies

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When you need to buy car insurance, choosing the most trusted and reliable source is your top-most priority.  Of course, it should be, as it is a long-term association. Car insurance policy offered by Bharti Axa is amongst the ones which are tailored made to safeguard you from all possible mishaps and available at an affordable cost.

Bharti Axa is a professional merger of market leaders: Bharti Enterprise, the leading business house of India and AX, the global leader in financial protection. The joint venture serves the community with a sole motto to provide car insurance with maximum protection and at an affordable cost. It basically offers the most comprehensive financial protection to the car owners from mishaps which are always unforeseen.

Buying Bharti Axa car insurance is easy. You can either buy it from the professional agent of the company or you can buy it online. Buying car insurance online is always the wisest thing to do as it saves your time, money and efforts. Before buying car insurance, it is always recommended to compare it online as it will help you make a conscious decision. Comparing online also helps you to analyse what all is included in the plan.

To buy Bharti Axa car insurance, you would be required to submit some documents to prove your identity. The required documents are:

  • The driving license copy of the car owner.
  • The copy of the vehicle registration document along with the copy of RC.
  • The address proof of the car owner.
  • If you choose to pay your first premium via EFT then you need to submit a void check as a backup to use in non-payment of the premium.

Things You Cannot Miss About Bharti Axa Car Insurance

Being the market leader, Bharti Axa car insurance has some high-flying and exceptional features that give it an edge over others.

The car insurance provides you 100{91334d9f29cb6757b1139bfd5d3bfe5cbc890f88eb8ef562a6c21800acb4f92d} compensation in case of disability: Majority of the car insurance policies available in the market provide the compensation only in case of death after an accident. But, Bharti Axa car insurance offers you 100{91334d9f29cb6757b1139bfd5d3bfe5cbc890f88eb8ef562a6c21800acb4f92d} compensation in case of disabilities like loss of two limbs, loss of sight of two eyes, loss of one limb and sight of one eye, and any other permanent disability caused by the accident.

It not only covers you, but your near and dear ones as well: The Bharti Axa car insurance not only covers the insured but also provides coverage to the co-passengers as well. While the insured is eligible for financial assistance of up to INR 2 lakh in case of any accidental damage, the co-passengers are secured with coverage of INR 1 lakh.

It helps you to save a huge sum on premium: If you are a member of the Automobile Association of India, then will get a relaxation in your premium rates.

Why Is Bharti Axa Car Insurance The Best?

Buying a Bharti Axa Car insurance policy not only provides you with financial security against any loss, but also helps you to lead life peacefully. Apart from that, there are many reasons which compel us to declare Bharti Axa car insurance to be one of the best car insurances available in the market. Here are our reasons:

  • Bharti Axa car insurance offers you an all-inclusive plan which provides you coverage against third-party legal liabilities and damage done by the self under the same plan. No need to compromise on the coverage.
  • With Bharti Axa car insurance, you need to worry about the decreasing market value of your car as they offer you “Zero Depreciation Coverage” with 100{91334d9f29cb6757b1139bfd5d3bfe5cbc890f88eb8ef562a6c21800acb4f92d} claim repayment.
  • The process to apply for a car insurance policy is usually cumbersome but Bharti Axa wins over this with its easy, quick and hassle-free application process. To make the task easier, they have a squad of banking professionals and customer care executives at your services around the clock. Plus, they offer their car insurance policy online as well which again helps you save money.
  • You have the advantage to apply for a cashless claim settlement via its more than 3500 garage network spread across Indian.
  • They award you with up to 50{91334d9f29cb6757b1139bfd5d3bfe5cbc890f88eb8ef562a6c21800acb4f92d} bonus if you haven’t made any claim during the entire course of the policy.
  • With high incurred claim ratio, Bharti Axa car insurance assures to help you out in every situation.

The Bharti Axa car insurance covers towing allowance as well.

  • You will get a discount on the premium amount if you install an anti-theft device in your car.