3 Tips For Sending Products Overseas

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If your business engages in transactions that require products to cross international borders, it can be confusing to deal with all the nuances of communication, paperwork, and efficiency. Although the primary thing you have to worry about when shipping internationally is passing through customs, you also need to ensure the integrity of your package. Working with products that comply with Ista 6 Amazon APASS Testing can help make sure your items arrive in the condition they were shipped in. If you want to navigate the challenges of customs, here are several tips that can help you avoid shipping delays.

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Provide the Right Documentation

Governments around the world are in love with their paperwork processes, so the best way to get your items through to the intended destination is by filling each document out completely and accurately. If you are shipping from within the US, you will probably be starting with a commercial invoice, although you may need to provide a certificate of origin or electronic export information document as well.

Be Honest and Detailed

Being incomplete or inaccurate in your description of the goods being shipped will usually result in a delay. The more information you can provide, the better off your package will be. If you really want to go the extra mile, include the internationally recognized tariff codes to help customs officials decipher what your package contains.

Know the Destination’s Requirements

Depending on where your package is headed, there may be additional regulations that need to be addressed with your product. There are often lists of prohibited items, such as antiques to China or beef jerky into England. You might also face size and weight limits, depending on the shipping option you choose. You may also be required to produce additional documentation unique to the destination country.

The global economy is a great thing for businesses around the world, but it doesn’t help if you can’t get your product into another country. Know the shipping restrictions or customs requirements before sending your items overseas.