How to Become a Certified Plumber in Alpharetta GA

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Plumbing is a trade that requires years of training before it can be performed successfully. Plumbers need to know how to use specialized equipment and solve challenging problems.

The first step is to complete a plumbing education program at a vocational school or community college. It should be a well-rounded program covering OSHA safety training, detailed chemistry, mathematics, and physics instruction, blueprint reading and drafting, in-depth examination of state codes, and advanced training about water treatment systems, water heaters, and plumbing appliances.

Education Requirements

Plumbing is a skilled trade that requires extensive training and certification. However, it also offers excellent career opportunities and good pay.

A plumber installs and repairs water and sewer lines, septic systems, and other water-related plumbing systems. They also handle various other tasks that arise in homes and businesses.

To become a certified plumber, you must complete a formal apprenticeship program and pass an exam. Apprenticeships offer a combination of on-the-job and classroom training that allows you to learn various skills.

During an apprenticeship, you’ll work with a master plumber to gain the experience you need to become a licensed professional. You’ll also need a medical gas piping certification for medical gas systems.

To earn your journeyman license, you’ll need to pass a test that consists of 120 questions. You’ll also need to pay a $233 exam fee and a $75 license renewal fee every two years.


A licensed plumber is qualified to perform a wide range of plumbing services. This includes installing and maintaining water and sewer lines, fixing leaks and clogged pipes, and even relocating or altering piping in a building.

In Georgia, all plumbing work requires a license from the state. This is a prerequisite for all master plumbers, journeyman plumbers, and plumbing contractors.

To get a journeyman plumber’s license, you must have at least three years of experience in the field. You must also pass an examination with a 70% or higher passing score.

The Georgia Journeyman plumber exam is a five-hour test divided into two parts and administered by PSI Testing Services. The exam fee is $223.

The state of Georgia requires that all master and journeyman plumbers apply to the board, along with fees and documents. This process is very similar to getting a license for any other trade.


If you are ready to become a certified plumber in Alpharetta GA, you will want to follow a specific, state-established process. The process involves training and experience that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this industry.

To begin the licensing process, you must complete an application and submit a non-refundable $30 fee along with documentation of your qualifications and reference information. You will also need to pass an exam pre-approved by the state.

Once you have completed the required education and licensing requirements, you can start working as a certified plumber in Alpharetta GA. You can offer services like repairing and maintaining plumbing systems in residential homes. Licensed plumbers are also insured to protect their customers in case of any issues arising from their work. They can also issue a certificate of compliance to their customers that guarantees that their work was done according to plumbing standards.


Getting a plumbing license requires a lot of practical experience. You can get much of that by working in an apprenticeship program with a licensed plumber for at least three years.

You can also enroll in a trade school to learn the skills you need to become a certified plumber. Many schools offer this type of training for around $1,800 to $2,800.

Once you have the required knowledge, you can apply for your journeyman and master plumbing licenses in Georgia. The process involves submitting an application and paying a non-refundable fee to the licensing board.

The application includes your name, address, education, experience, reference information, and other qualifications. You must submit it to the board at least 60 days before your plumbing exam date.

Licensed plumbers in Alpharetta, GA, make excellent salaries. They also receive paid vacation and holidays, health insurance, 401(k) matches, company vehicles, uniforms, and performance bonuses.