26 Work-From-Home Jobs That Can Pay $100,000 or More

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

It’s a bit of a fallacy that remote jobs don’t pay well. In fact, well-qualified professionals with the right skills and experience can often find great high-paying, work-from-home jobs that offer the same career opportunities as traditional positions.

So, which fields offer high-paying, work-from-home careers? We’ve listed dozens of different jobs from eight career categories that all have the potential to pay $100,000+ per year. We’ve consulted PayScale to find the salary range for each role.

The majority of these work-from-home jobs that pay well are all high-level positions that require an education and multiple years of experience. Click on each job title to find the available open jobs on FlexJobs right now, and be sure to check out the rest of our listings in over 50 different flexible career areas.

Product Manager

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PayScale salary range: $54,000-$121,000

Product managers handle the process of developing products and solutions. Setting strategy, creating roadmaps, and defining product features are all a part of the job. Product managers may also analyze market conditions and communicate with people at all levels of an organization.

Project Manager, Operations

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PayScale salary range: $47,000-$107,000

A project manager of operations will oversee operations, processes, and plans. This role may involve creating project requirements, keeping projects organized, keeping projects on time, and tracking budgets. Some roles may require certification, such as a PMI or PMP certificate.

Senior Project Manager, IT

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PayScale salary range: $84,000-$145,000

Senior project managers require many years of experience and oversee information technology projects and timelines. This type of role will typically require technical skills, in such things as hardware, software, networking, or security. You may also need data center management skills and the ability to communicate with multiple departments.

Business Development Manager

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PayScale salary range: $44,000-$121,000

This high-paying, work-from-home job commonly develops business plans, identifies new client sources, manages accounts, and meets sales goals. Ultimately, a business development manager needs the ability to increase revenue. Sales and selling skills are essential, as are client relations skills to maintain business relationships.

Channel Sales Manager

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PayScale salary range: $50,000-$124,000

Channel sales work involves selling products or services through third parties, such as an affiliate or reseller. Channel sales managers will hire and work with resellers, ensure the company product is being correctly represented, and resolve issues related to orders.

Senior Account Manager

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PayScale salary range: $49,000-$110,000

Account managers maintain client accounts by managing relationships with customers and creating long-term relationships, understanding client needs, handling client communications, generating sales, and more. A senior-level role may require 10 or more years of experience.

Senior Sales Executive

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PayScale salary range: $44,000-$131,000

Sales executives can find themselves identifying prospects, selling products and services, maintaining client relationships, identifying product improvements, preparing reports, and more. Sales execs need the ability to sell and communicate well with prospective and current clients.

Front-End Developer

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PayScale salary range: $46,000-$107,000

Front-end developers produce HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for websites and web apps. Their objective is to ensure that users can navigate a website with ease and that visual elements are correct. This high-paying work-from-home job will sometimes require back-end or visual design experience, such as SQL, Java, PHP, Ruby, or .NET.

Java Developer

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PayScale salary range: $50,000-$103,000

Java developers integrate Java into websites, programs, and applications by writing Java-based code to give a website functionality. They work with both front-end and back-end coding and need to have extensive knowledge of Java, which is the second-most-used programming language.

Mobile Developer

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PayScale salary range: $49,000-$112,000

Mobile developers create mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Most roles will require either iOS or Android expertise, along with an understanding of Mac or PC operating systems. Mobile developers can also work on fixing bugs and glitches after the development and release cycle.

Marketing Communications Director

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PayScale salary range: $47,000-$136,000

This role directs marketing and communications activities, approves marketing plans, reviews communications materials, and creates marketing strategies. Analytical skills and leadership skills are required for this job. The director-level role will likely require over 10 years of experience.

Marketing Director

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PayScale salary range: $46,000-$149,000

A marketing director will lead a marketing department by strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns. Conducting research and analyzing trends in order to develop marketing plans is a common task. A bachelor’s degree and multiple years of experience are typically required for a marketing director.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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PayScale salary range: $86,000-$156,000

Product marketing managers seek to assess a product’s market to expand its consumer base. Working on product positioning, messaging, and roadmaps are tasks of this type of role. Product marketing managers need the ability to work with marketing metrics and processes.

Vice President of Marketing

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PayScale salary range: $84,000-$202,000

This senior-level, high-paying, work-from-home job directs and oversees the marketing department in order to ensure marketing strategies meet business goals. Setting team goals, monitoring marketing campaigns, and preparing metrics-related reports are some common duties. A vice president role will require many years of experience.

Cybersecurity Analyst

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PayScale salary range: $51,000-$117,000

This role works to protect computer networks and systems at a company or organization. Analysts will monitor networks for security breaches, research IT trends, create plans for possible security issues, and more. Many employers hiring cybersecurity analysts require experience with IT work.

Privacy Officer

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PayScale salary range: $50,000-$140,000

Privacy officers ensure companies follow best privacy practices and procedures. Tasks can include performing audits to ensure privacy compliance, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling breaches and privacy issues. A degree in a technical field is often required for this high-paying, work-from-home job.

Security Consultant

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PayScale salary range: $56,000-$134,000

Security consultants assess security threats and work to prevent them. Creating contingency plans, establishing security policies, and meeting with clients to discuss security protocols are a few common duties. Consultants may work on a project basis for each employer.

Clinical Trial Manager

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PayScale salary range: $65,000-$132,000

This job involves managing clinical trials. Some duties include recruiting patients for trials, ensuring trials run smoothly, reviewing trial results, ensuring safety standards compliance, making changes to trial structure, and more. Clinical trial managers must have strong medical knowledge, along with appropriate schooling.

Medical Director

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PayScale salary range: $119,000-$301,000

One of the highest-paying, work-from-home jobs, this physician-level role oversees the operations of a health care organization. The medical director creates protocols and guidelines, leads clinical staff, oversees quality assurance, and acts as a liaison to network facilities. An MD or DO degree is typically required.


Psychologist or therapist
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PayScale salary range: $48,000-$113,000

Psychologists help clients with mental health, addictions, and more. Cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral are a few common therapy styles used. A Ph.D. or doctorate in psychology or education is typically required.

Cloud Architect

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PayScale salary range: $69,000-$164,000

Cloud architects oversee cloud computing strategies for companies. Cloud application design, management and monitoring, and adoption plans are all part of this high-paying online job. Cloud architects need knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming languages, and cloud security.

Senior Solutions Architect

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PayScale salary range: $97,000-$166,000

A solutions architect will design and create products and services to provide solutions for clients. Solutions architects often need to meet with clients and management to explain complex issues and to create a viable product. Experience with computer software applications is typically needed.

Technical Support Manager

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PayScale salary range: $50,000-$118,000

This role oversees IT support and resolves technical issues. A manager-level position will manage tech support employees and provide leadership. Installing hardware and software, staying current on new technology, and providing on-call support are common duties.

Research Engineer

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PayScale salary range: $58,000-$119,000

Research engineers work to gather information and data to create new products and applications. Research engineers can work in a variety of fields, such as electrical, medical, mechanical, aerospace, and software. An engineering degree is required for this role.

Senior Systems Engineer

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PayScale salary range: $78,000-$140,000

This engineering role provides administration and upkeep of servers and storage. Systems engineers also configure and maintain operating systems and help build out infrastructure. A degree in computer science or engineering is typically needed.

Software Engineer

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PayScale salary range: $60,000-$124,000

Software engineers develop computer software and applications. These can include computer games, operating systems, business applications, and more. Programming and coding skills are needed to be a software engineer.

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